The supplement industry is a booming but competitive industry. If you’re a supplement brand or supplement manufacturer, each and every decision regarding how you formulate, create, market, and sell your products is important and should be well-thought-out, including your supplement packaging. Have you ever considered packaging your supplements with pill pouches?

Pill pouches are an up-and-coming trend in the supplement packaging industry and with good reason since they provide supplement brands with an easy way to personalize their products and services. But, personalization isn’t the only benefit of pill pouches for supplement brands and consumers. They’re also convenient, lead to more customer compliance, and provide great opportunities for branding and design. 

Are you considering using pill pouches for your supplements? In this article, you’ll learn all about pill pouches, including the many advantages of pill pouches for supplement brands and consumers. 


What are pill pouches?  

Pill pouches are a type of pouch packaging that’s meant specifically for supplements in pill form (tablets, capsules, and softgels). Unlike traditional bottles, however, pill pouches aren’t usually meant to contain 30+ doses of the same supplement. Instead, pill pouches typically contain a small variety of daily vitamins. In fact, most pill pouches are only big enough to contain about 10 pills. 

At this point, you may be wondering, what’s the point of pill pouch packaging? What makes pill pouches more attractive to supplement brands and consumers than traditional bottle packaging or blister packaging? The main reason has to do with the power of customization, but there are many additional benefits of pill pouch packaging.



Benefits of pill pouches

Customization is the main benefit of pill pouches for both brands and consumers, but there are plenty of other reasons why pill pouches are advantageous. They’re also more convenient, more effective, easier to travel with, lead to more consumer compliance, and create a smaller carbon footprint than other supplement packaging alternatives. Let’s take a look at these benefits in greater detail. 


1. Customization 

These days, customization is key, and the reason why is simple: Our economy is driven by customer experience. Consumers (whether or not they believe it or admit it) no longer favor certain brands or products because they’re more effective. That wouldn’t make much sense since modern technology has made it possible for many brands to create highly effective products. 

Instead, these days, consumers favor certain brands for the overall experience they offer their customers. Consumers want to feel care for, understood, special, and important. Is there a better way to make consumers feel special than by customizing their products and their experience? 

Pill pouches and vitamin packs offer supplement brands an effective way to customize their customers’ experience. New supplement brands like Personanutrition have begun to assess their customers’ needs with simple online questionnaires in order to offer them personalized vitamin packs filled with the exact supplements they need. The boxes even come with small booklets explaining the pills in their vitamin packs were chosen just for them. As far as supplements are concerned, it doesn’t get much more personal than that.


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2. Effectiveness

Most consumers need vitamins and supplements to fulfill a multitude of dietary and medical needs. A typical consumer might need supplements for gut health, healthier skin, extra energy, and a better memory. Ideally, this would be one simple pill, hence the origin of multivitamins. 

But, one simple pill can only comprise so many ingredients. At some point, in order to reach x percentage of x ingredient, the manufacturer needs to reduce the percentage of other ingredients in the pill, but this means also reducing the effects of the other ingredients. So, to stick to the example mentioned above, more ingredients to help a healthy gut means fewer ingredients to improve memory. Furthermore, certain vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are chemically difficult to combine into one simple pill. 

Daily vitamin packs allow supplement brands to supply their customers with all of the vitamins they need without making any sacrifices to squeeze all necessary ingredients into one magical pill. The result? Consumers may have to swallow extra pills, but all of their needs are met. 




3. Design

Supplement label design is extremely important in the supplement industry. With so many options on the shelves, it’s really important that supplement brands find a way to stand out and maintain the interest of their target market. 

Pill pouches, especially customized daily vitamin packs, provide brands with an amazing opportunity to create outstanding and unique label designs. Unlike with bottles, with daily vitamin packs, consumers open a brand new package each day. This means each day brings a new opportunity for brands to pleasantly surprise their consumers. Some ideas include daily inspirational quotes, days of the week printed on the vitamin packs, challenging questions for their consumers, and so on. Each time a consumer reaches for a new pill pouch, they also get a nice little design surprise. 

The point is, competition in the supplement industry is fierce, and pill pouches provide brands with a way to impress their direct target consumers with design that speaks to them. 




4. Convenience

For the modern consumer, convenience is absolutely essential. Companies like Apple, Amazon, and Google have spoiled consumers with convenience and enhanced usability so much so that, these days, consumers don’t just appreciate convenience; they demand it. 

Convenience is another key benefit for consumers when it comes to pill pouches and daily vitamin packs. Traditional bottle packaging and blister packaging requires consumers who have multiple nutritional and dietary needs to open multiple bottles and/or blister packs each morning to access their supplements. Busy, hard-working parents, students, and professionals don’t have the time to open and close six pill bottles each morning, and if they do have the time, they certainly don’t want to spend it trying to access their daily vitamins. 

Pill pouches provide consumers with an easy and convenient way to access all of their daily vitamins and supplements by opening just one small package. Not to mention, they’re also incredibly convenient for traveling long and short distances (across the country or from the house to the office). In short, they’re the new, convenient, grab-and-go option for busy consumers. 




5. Compliance 

Compliance (whether or not consumers continue to take their supplements as recommended) is another key element that all supplement brands should consider when choosing supplement packaging. Compliance not only means better results for consumers (and better reviews for brands), but it also means that consumers will finish their supplements faster and, hopefully, buy more. 

Since vitamin packs are so convenient, they’re also a great way to help consumers stay compliant. As perfect grab-and-go options, consumers can’t say they didn’t have time to take their supplements. They also don’t have any excuses when it comes to travel. Consumers used to have to transport all of their supplement bottles with them while traveling. Five supplement bottles can take up a lot of space in a carry-on suitcase. With vitamin packs, consumers only have to take the exact amount of pills they plan to take. 

The bottom line? Convenience leads to compliance, and compliance leads to more sales for supplement brands. 




6. Smaller carbon footprint than other packaging alternatives

These days, consumers are more concerned than ever with the state of the planet. That means, whenever possible, they’re seeking sustainable product options to reduce their carbon footprint. If you’re not doing anything to reduce your brand’s carbon footprint, you’ll likely lose (or fail to attract) many valuable customers. 

Since pill pouches take up such little space in landfills, they have a much smaller carbon footprint than other packaging alternatives like bulky jars and bottles. They also require much less material to produce than many other competing options, which reduces waste, manufacturing costs, and the product’s overall carbon footprint. 

Last but not least, as sustainability becomes more and more important to both producers and consumers, many brands are turning to materials other than plastic to package their products. Other materials, however, can be much more expensive to manufacture and produce than traditional plastic. Pouch packaging is a good way to meet in the middle. It’s more sustainable than traditional, bulky, plastic canisters, and it’s cheaper than alternatives like glass, metal, and cardboard. 




As far as disadvantages go, there aren’t too many disadvantages to pill pouches. In fact, there are only three notable disadvantages: 

  • Vitamin packs usually contain a lot of pills to swallow. If your consumers dislike swallowing pills (or are simply unable to do so), it’s safe to say that pill pouches are not the best option. 
  • Vitamin packs are usually more costly for consumers. For consumers on a budget, buying multivitamins or buying a select few daily supplements (rather than five or six bottles) can be cheaper than buying vitamin packs. If your target market has a tight budget, pill pouches may not be the best option for your brand. 
  • If you want to customize your vitamin packs like Persona Nutrition or Care/of, you’re going to have to put in some work. These companies don’t just develop and analyze tests to provide their consumers with the perfect mix of daily vitamins, they also offer chat support and personalized guidance to explain why they’ve chosen certain supplements and ingredients for their customers. 



Your supplement manufacturer can help you with packaging



There is a lot to keep in mind when choosing packaging for your supplements, but with a little help, choosing packaging can be a fun and exciting process! 

One of the best ways to ensure that you’re choosing the right packaging for your supplements is by choosing a supplement manufacturer that also handles your packaging and design. That way, you can get tips and advice from experts who not only understand packaging options but also understand the industry, your exact product, and the needs of your customers. 

Generation Nutra offers many kinds of packaging options, including pill pouch packaging. Here are some additional benefits of building your supplement brand with Generation Nutra:

  1. Thousands of raw materials to choose from so you can create unique and personalized formulas.
  2. Advice in terms of formulation.
  3. Various supplement packaging formats to choose from so you can customize your product.
  4. A team of in-house graphic designers to help you with supplement label design.
  5. Advice and guidance to help you market and sell your product.



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