There are a few boxes that a supplement manufacturer needs to tick. High quality is essential as you need a wide choice of supplements that are going to be popular and reliable. They should also offer a wide array of services such as labeling and correct storage. Here we take a look at everything that you should expect from a great supplement manufacturer.

Supplement Manufacturing

People take supplements in a wide variety of different ways. A supplement manufacturer should be able to offer a good selection and here we look at the options you should be given.

Tablet Manufacturing

A lot of people see taking tablets as their preferred method of taking supplements. They are often used when the initial taste on the tongue isn’t that unpleasant. This can be done by having them as a raw tablet but they can also be coated, glazed, capped or lamented. There are also sublingual tablets that diffuse under the tongue.

As well as the type of tablet, you can also get them in a great range of color, sizes and shapes to ensure that the customer gets exactly what they want. Text can also be added to tablets for a wide variety of different reasons.

Capsules Manufacturing

Capsules are also one of the most popular ways of taking supplements. They should be available in different shapes and sizes depending on the type of supplement and the customer’s needs. Capsules are required when the content of the supplement are unpleasant to taste and the supplement can instead be released in the stomach.

That capsules casing can be seen in a wide variety of different medicines and supplements as it’s very popular. There are also different ways it can be presented too with blister packs being very popular but also bottles.

Powder Manufacturing 

Capsules and tablets are a good way of disguising a bad flavor but with powers, you need to make sure that they taste good. This can be done via natural or artificial flavoring. There are plenty of people who prefer taking tasty powdered supplements as these are great for the likes of smoothies or adding to a drink of exercising. 


Gummy Manufacturing 


Gummy vitamins are perfect for children that may resist taking supplements via the usual methods. They can also be good for adults that struggle to take tablets. They can be made with a wide variety of different flavors as well as being manufactured with different shapes and colors. A good supplement manufacturer can make gummy vitamins look very appealing. 


Softgel Manufacturing


Not everyone can swallow tablets and that can be a problem for those wanting to take supplements. To counter this, manufacturers should be able to make soft gel tablets which are much easier to take. They have gained popularity with consumers who can take oil, powder and vitamins in a much easier way.


Liquid Capsule Manufacturing


Similar to soft gel, liquid capsules can hold liquids and a very easy to swallow. This can be great for absorption and the supplement can get to work more quickly than with other forms we’ve seen here. Cutting edge technology is required to produce a product that is brilliant for many consumers.




As well as being able to produce the exact product you want, there are also plenty of other aspects that can make a high-quality supplement manufacturer. Here we look at what else you should be looking for.


Customer Service


You need to know that your supplement manufacturer is going to be there should you have any queries or issues. Sometimes a unique solution may be required and you want to know how they can make that happen and what services they can offer.

Good partnerships are important for any business. You don’t want to be waiting days for a query to be answered as that could slow down the whole process. They should be able to have all the answers should you encounter a problem.


Finding the right flavor


Without flavor, some supplements would be very unpopular. A top-class manufacturer will be able to work with you to get the results that you want. It’s important to know exactly which types of flavor profiles work with different types of supplements.

This all needs to be done without compromising the effectiveness of the supplement. Sometimes flavors, tablet style and/or supplement ingredients aren’t compatible. A high-quality supplement manufacturer will be able to explain your options.


Compliance & Labeling


You can have the best product in the world but how it’s branded can make or break it. Not only do you want it to look but also ensure that it’s compliant with all regulations while displaying everything that is required by law.

A great label can tick all of these boxes while also having a design that can stand out from the crowd. A supplement manufacturer should be able to know the law and be able to back up any claims made on the packaging with solid facts.

Once the labeling has been completed, you need to be able to print it. This needs to have the level of printing that you’d expect. A manufacturer needs to give you exactly what you’re looking for with the level of volume that you need. Any loss of quality in the printing of labels can have a negative effect on the brand and the reputation of your business. 


Product management


A supplement manufacturer should also be able to help expand your range and ensure that your supplements are of the highest quality. 


Stock formula


Having stock formula available can help a company expand on its range of products and give more options to the customers that they’re serving. This can save a lot of money while still being able to have your private labels affixed to them. 




Any storage of supplements needs to be completed in the right environment where they won’t degrade over time. The storage facility should be able to keep those supplements in perfect conditions while organizing them in such a way that makes them easy to obtain when required.


Dynamic ordering


You’ll want your supplement manufacturer to be able to fulfill all of your order requirements. They may be able to help with complicated logistics and also being able to order stock. If all of this can be done in a simple way, it can increase the efficiency of your business.




Finally, you want to be able to get your product to your customers. Getting the right packaging will help to put the final touches to your supplements. This includes the bottled, bags or the packets that your supplements are going to be delivered in.

This can be more complicated than it seems such as ensuring the right number of pills does into a bottle or making soft gel tablets have enough protection. Your supplement manufacturer should be able to give you great advice on which solutions are going to be the best for you. 

The packaging of the product is not only about getting the right quantities and ensuring standards are met but also about selling your brand. Having a bespoke solution will allow you to get exactly what you need and match your expectations. With the right solutions, you’re going to be able to get the final product that you need.